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Three Things About Elsie

Meet Elsie, she not only looks sweet and cute, she really is, from her wet, healthy nose to the tip of her tail. We love her but we only get to be with her on a part-time basis. Why? Because we look after her and her owner’s house when they go away as part of Trusted Housesitters. A few years back a friend of ours introduced us to housesitting when …

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Things Can Always Get Better

How many times have you made plans or had visions of how you wanted something to go? I have, loads of times Sometimes things go to plan and sometimes they don’t When they don’t and I’m in the moment it can be very frustrating, if only…. If only I could trust the process. Why? Because inevitably things work out better, much better usually, then I could’ve imagined. Last year, we …

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Pause For Thought – Find and Embrace Your Joy

I am surrounded by joy at the moment, the word not the emotion, but that follows as you’ll read below. First of all, a Facebook friend asked us to share a positive word, using the the initial of our first name.  My immediate thought was ugh what positive word starts with J (duh!).  In fact I think I saw her post three times before Joy popped into my mind!  I’m …

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