Pause For Thought – How Are You Shining Your Light?


Remember the light at the end of the tunnel could be you…. Steven Tyler

For most of 2016 it’s felt like there is turmoil both in the world and also in my personal life.

It’s hard to know whether this is an illusion that just seems in sharper focus this year.

A lot of well loved musicians, actors and TV personalities have made their transition to non-physical. Both my husband’s sister and my father also made their transitions. My mother-in-law has been frail ever since and what currently seems to be an unmendable rift has occurred in my family.

I embrace the change. I cannot control it. Control is an illusion.

Politically we’ve had the shock of Brexit and recently the US elections. Although I was not in favour of either result I like the fact that it is shaking up the status quo and making people think. Thinking is good. Thought leads to change.

I embrace the change.

I feel there is an opportunity here, showing it’s first glimmer, it’s first sun rise.

We are all connected, we’re not separate, not spiritually anyway. What I do and you do sends out a ripple into the worldwide pond.

What if you could be the light at the end of the tunnel showing the way?

“When you shine your light, even simply by being happy, you allow and inspire others to do the same. This creates ripples of light that can indeed change the world – just imagine that for a second” Karen Gunton – lighthouse revolution: stand tall.light up.shine bright.

You may not be able to affect world change but you can choose to make small changes, you can take small steps:

  • Smile
  • Stop complaining and criticizing about people and stuff
  • Love yourself – don’t be mean to yourself and self critical
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be happy
  • Laugh
  • Have fun

It just takes thought and practice, any change takes practice.

I invite you to try one of these suggestions for a week, a month even and see what changes in your world.

Let me know how you get on

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