Three Things About Elsie

Meet Elsie, she not only looks sweet and cute, she really is, from her wet, healthy nose to the tip of her tail. We love her but we only get to be with her on a part-time basis.


Because we look after her and her owner’s house when they go away as part of Trusted Housesitters.

A few years back a friend of ours introduced us to housesitting when she mentioned it on her Facebook page detailing her and her husbands travel exploits. It sounded perfect for us as we love pets, especially dogs, and travel and we had an intention at the time to sell up and go travelling so it seemed a good fit for us and so it has turned out to be 🙂

Three years ago we first met Elsie, she was our very first sit, ever. We got to stay in her lovely house and look after her for five days in September 2015. It was great! Our last experience of owning a dog had not been a happy one and Elsie went a long way to healing the hurt and distress that had resulted from it.

Since then we have looked after Elsie 16 times and have loved her more and more each time, she is such a sweetie with a kind and loving nature. We’ve also become friends with her owners which is also an absolute joy.

Do you get the idea that we love housesitting? We absolutely do.

Ever since Elsie, who will always be our favourite, we’ve looked after pets all over the UK, from a Manor House in the Cotswolds to a seaside home in Brixham, from town to countryside. Most recently we got to put to bed another of our ambitions which was to live in Cornwall. We lived in a very, very rural hamlet, in a 300 year old cottage, over the winter. It was remote, quiet, dark. The weather was very wet. The beaches and the roads were very quiet – a total change to the summer months – and the people were very friendly. We loved it. It was our longest sit to date at four and a half months and I’m not sure I would sit for so long again or in such a remote location, but we’ll see, never say never.

Elsie and housesitting saved us again in 2017. We decided to sell our house, convert a van to a camper and realise our dream to go travelling. It took five months to sell the house – don’t ask! – to pass the time we decided to do some house and pet sitting, something we’d put on the back burner to concentrate on selling the house and converting the van.

Well, what do you know? We rekindled our love of housesitting and it had a double bonus of removing us from the in your face frustration of living in the house we were selling. We went to Brixham, somewhere we’d never been, and now love, and made some new friends (human and furry), which often happens. We also looked after Elsie a couple of times in that period, au naturellement.

If you think housesitting might be something you would enjoy too then check out Trusted Housesitters by clicking here. They are the Worlds’s largest (have the most sitting opportunities)and probably the best. Also if you think you might prefer to have someone live in your home and look after your cherished pet whilst you go away then click here – by doing so you get 20% discount on the annual fee, which by the way is way less than you would spend on just one week of kennel or cattery fees, but also I get an extra two months added onto my subscription – fab!