Things Can Always Get Better

How many times have you made plans or had visions of how you wanted something to go?
I have, loads of times

Sometimes things go to plan and sometimes they don’t

When they don’t and I’m in the moment it can be very frustrating, if only….

If only I could trust the process. Why?
Because inevitably things work out better, much better usually, then I could’ve imagined.

Last year, we finally put plans into motion that had been a couple of years in the planning.
We decided to sell our house and venture out into the Great Wide Open. We converted a Transit van
into a camper for the purpose. The plan was to go to the Isle of Man TT races, one of my most favourite things
to do, and stay there for a month, then move on to Scotland to visit an old friend before heading to Europe to travel round living full time in the van.

But the Universe had other ideas! And I can tell you it was pretty damn annoying and frustrating at the time.

To cut a very long story short, our house took five months to sell and finally sold at the end of July, two and a half months too late for our TT plans 🙁

To pass the time we decided to do some house and pet sitting, something we’d put on the back burner to concentrate on selling the house and converting the van.

Well, what do you know? We rekindled our love of housesitting and it had a double bonus of removing us from the in your face frustration of living in the house we were selling. We went to Brixham, somewhere we’d never been, and now love, and made some new friends (human and furry), which often happens. We’ve also stayed in some magnificent properties and looked after some fab pets.

Not only were we having a great time but also the TT Races were a wash out, it rained more or less all the time, so it would have been totally miserable.

What a result.

Recently I read ‘The World of Serendipity’ by Marcus Bach. In the book he says “Life, I decided, is so constructed that happenings you never expected to happen are actually things that were supposed to happen…So if you do not reach your initial goal, there will be a wayside goal just as good, or better, waiting for you.”

How fab is that? It’s certainly been my experience and it does us well to remember that if something doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped then something even better is on the horizon.

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