Pause For Thought – The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing

Say what?  As someone who likes to fill her day with ‘stuff’ doing nothing is quite a concept.
When I’m busy I almost long for nothing to do, well not quite, I long for time to do all the things I want to do but can’t because I’m too busy.  Then, guess what?  I find myself without so much to do and I’ve been sitting around doing a bit of navel gazing – journalling, working with angel cards, meditating – doing, doing, doing, but not the things I planned to do when I had more time!  I know, I know…

I even went to the library!

The thing with spending lots of time at home, dear reader, is that you don’t see people or get out in the fresh air much.  I had a wonderful 20 minute walk each way in the autumnal sunshine and spent a very pleasant couple of hours in the warmth of the library indulging in one of my passions, reading.  This also enabled me to tick off one of the things on my to do list.  I’ve been wanting to read this book for a while as inspiration and information gathering for a book I’m writing.  I could never seem to get round to reading it at home though.  So I am flushed with achievement and even came back and spent a good hour doing some writing on my book.  Bloody hell!
So, the library was a success and is something I definitely plan to do more of.

As part of the doing, doing, doing, I actually got around to reading Anita Moorjani’s second book, What If This Is Heaven?  This book has languished for some time in the black hole formerly known as Jakki’s Kindle. I am so glad I finally got around to reading it.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I read it almost in one sitting, something I rarely do.  If you have any interest at all in where we come from and where we go when we die (or go back to the non physical realm) then Anita’s account of her Near Death Experience (NDE)in her first book Dying To Be Me and what she learnt from that experience in this book, then it might well be right up your street.  I loved it.

I’ll do a full review in the future but for now there was one thing that really struck a chord, or led me to a truth:  The question asked of me was “Am I constantly obsessed with working on myself, trying to improve myself in some way?”  Er, well yes, but I actually hadn’t realised it, until now and I will still considering what else I might do instead, when the following happened…

On Thursday I found myself wishing that I could meet up with one of my best friends for a good old chinwag, a laugh and a chance to talk a bit woo woo.   We talk every Friday morning, usually, and we meet for lunch every couple of months.  But with Winter drawing in I don’t care much for travelling far so our next lunch probably won’t be until January or February.
Then in a delightful synchronicity, on Friday I got a text from her saying that she was in town on business and did I fancy meeting for coffee?  Did I?  Oh yes please.  Because we are so in tune with each other we often find that we have the same issues cropping up.  She correctly deduced that I was actually a bit bored.  Except I hadn’t recognised it as such.  She is too.  Perfect.  After a lot of fun, laughter and discussion plus later reflection, at home, I realised that I need to spend some time just doing nothing.  I’m not talking about structured meditation, although I feel it will be a form of meditation, I’m talking about just sitting, not reading, not journalling, not planning, nada, nothing.  So I laid on the settee, put on some background music and did nothing for at least an hour.  I can report back that it was fabulous. So more of that too on the agenda.

And do you know what? I managed to tick two things off my to do list.  Ha!

The sweetness of doing nothing.  Dolce Far Niente.  Give It a Try.
Let me know how you get on

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