Pause For Thought – Find and Embrace Your Joy

I am surrounded by joy at the moment, the word not the emotion, but that follows as you’ll read below.

First of all, a Facebook friend asked us to share a positive word, using the the initial of our first name.  My immediate thought was ugh what positive word starts with J (duh!).  In fact I think I saw her post three times before Joy popped into my mind!  I’m a bit slow like that sometimes, or more positively I just needed to make space for my intuition to give me a nudge, how’s that?

Next, another friend in her weekly newsletter asked her readers did they want to join a Facebook group, called I Love My Life, devoted to seeking out and embracing our joy as she felt (as do I and others) there was, during 2016, far too much focus on negative news stories. She was also inspired by Robbie Williams’ latest release ‘I Love My Life’.
Before Christmas 2016, she asked of her Facebook friends what hobbies they would like to start or re-start in 2017 and why, one enlightened soul suggested “because it reconnects us to parts of ourselves which were solely for enjoyment.” With such nudges how could she resist? And indeed how can I?  So the group has been born and I will report back on progress.

Here’s the Robbie Williams video:

The last nudge was from Mike Dooley whose daily Notes From The Universe I subscribe to. At the bottom of the latest note there was an invitation to the Love Your Life 30 Day Project. You get an email each day for 30 days with an activity for each day to help you create a fantastic 2017. Again I’ll report back on progress as I already have a fantastic 2017 planned, with massive life changes, that I will share with you in due course, as we are still in the getting our shit sorted phase before we can actually start it, so although my word for 2017 is ADVENTURE for the first 2-3 months it needs to be Patience! That could be interesting!

So to the emotion of Joy.  In September 2015 we started house and pet sitting for people and our very first house sit was to look after a delightful Jack Russell called Elsie who is an absolute Joy to sit for and has absolutely stolen our hearts.  As a result we have looked after her 12 more times, at the time of writing and we are due to look after her again this weekend.  Even though the draw of Elsie is strong, I felt that our weekend could be better spent sorting out the aforementioned shit so as to move our plans forward. So I wasn’t feeling the love you might say. Then in a bolt out of the blue I suddenly recognised how much Joy I have to look forward to this weekend:

  • A road trip
  • Quality time with my husband
  • Elsie (sic)
  • Walks in lovely countryside
  • A lovely country pub (mid walk)
  • Guinness and cosy chats in said pub, whilst Elsie soaks up the admiration of all and sundry!
  • Fish and Chips – from one of the best chippys I have ever been to
  • Liza Tarbuck on Radio 2
  • Time to read, plan and contemplate

Wonderful, and that’s just for starters!

So, the lesson for me there is that there is plenty of joy to be found, if you only flipping look for it!


Notes From The Universe
Mike Dooley’s Love Your Life 30 Day Project
Judith Morgan’s I Love My Life Group
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